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Frankfurter Rundschau

1. April 2000

Judith von Sternburg
translated from German


That someone can go on for that long, and still be continually funny! Janice Perry, for example. She's so proud that she has cut down her three hour program from the opening night (premiere) in Nuremberg to two and a half hours. The truth is, however, she could have played even longer. This is partly because of her sensational costumes. Oriental glitter in blue-green-gold. A dream of sequined pallettes, lined in red. Flashy silver pants with enormously frilled seams. A loincloth, Oh Boy! At the same time, she manages to look like the hostess of a Gala Benefit.

Janice Perry, who speaks American English but is nevertheless understandable, has been for the umpteenth time at the Gallustheater. But, as usual, it didn't matter. And the real fans wanted to have some real fun and laughter once more. This time it's mainly to conquer the Saints. The program is therefore aptly titled: "Holy Sh*t! Stories from Heaven and Hell".

For example St. Lucia. Everybody desires her, but she is keeping herself pure. One guy is totally enthralled by her eyes. So she tears them out of her head and presents them to him on a plate. And plop (as Janice Perry would say) she gets a set of new ones from the Holy Mother. After much confusion, her executioners finally ram a sword into her neck. And the Moral: it's better to have sex than a sword in the neck.
She takes particular note of the practices of Flagellation and the Martyr stakes. And, after a short while, she is in a London S/M joint, of course incognito, and of course she immediately runs into some people who recognize her. And she makes some entertaining observations about essential nature of the British .

Janice Perry finds the Brits quite amusing. Even more daft, in her view, than the British and the Catholics are the Yanks. These are people who won't allow a stripper to strip. And even more ridiculous than Americans is a performance space in Schwabach, near Nuremberg, where J. P. once performed under very harrowing conditions. Despite that, Janice Perry experienced a Miracle in Schwabach's town square.

Although it's not yet clear if this is a completely great program (it's in it's opening week) I should mention that there are some song and dance numbers. By the way, the audience has to sing along. But it works.

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