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    Autumn 2000
South Africa Letter
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South African Story 1

My name is Bulelwa Runyjwens, born on the 24th of July 1981. I live in New Brighton Township (Port Elizabeth, South Africa). I am presently doing my first year at the Port Elizabeth Technikon.

I love myself, some people call me a narcissist but I don't mind that because i am one. I'm always optimistic in everything i do. I'm a presbyterian (religiously speaking) who has served for 2 years in a row at the youth committee as a secretary (executive committee).

I love socializing, I look forward to meeting new people everyday. I love acting, singing, dancing and having a joll. I look forward to meeting people of different cultures because i think everyone's culture is just wonderful.


I've recently had sleepless nights, wondering why I had 2 go 2 school. I twist and turn all night long wondering whether this schooling business is for myself or just for my mother. I've been so keen to make her proud of me.

Well, is that fair to me, trying so hard 2 please her, but not myself because i feel so miserable at school? Or rather i feel i need a break. After 13 years of school, i really need one.

But through all that, i still feel i owe it 2 her to make something out of my life because she's always had dreams of my success.

As a very optimistic person, i think i can just overpower all of the negative thoughts that run through my head and do this one thing my mom expects of me to do.

Make her proud.

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